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LM-Biotech AG founded in 2012 follows the philosophy of modularity. The staff at LM-Biotech is consisting out of workers and founders of a former bio component manufacturer - means more than 20 years of experiance!

Our product portfolio
We supply following products according our standard product range:Standard connections (aseptic, tri-clamp and sterile connections, reusable sterile hose connections)

  • Vessel equipment (e.g. ingold, flange, samples, valves)
  • Sight glass (flow indicator, tank sight glass)
  • Check valve and diaphragm valve (sterile check valve, 2/2-way valve, T-valve, tank bottom valve, sample valve, ball valve)
  • Sterile silicone hoses (incl. installation service and pressure test)
  • Special equipment (e.g. heat exchanger, sample systems, orifices, strainers)

The orifices are available in all standard sizes: ISO, DIN, BSOD, SMS.

Our specialties
We are specialized in production of stainless steel materials (e.g. 1.4435, 1.4571, 1.4301, 1.4539) and high-temperature / nickel-based alloys (e.g. Hastelloy C22, B4, C276) with welding certification according DIN EN 287-1:2011. With this expertise we guarantee you a perfect performance of your orders.

Official restamp approval by SVTI is available (approval no. KIS.PQ.PQ.5513805).

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